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Guangzhou restaurant on the 79th anniversary of public welfare is a duty

Date: 2014-08-13

Old saying words without a heart, seventy ancient rare, seventy s, to a person, the age and have been live autumn, son Sun Fuzhi years from. For an enterprise, in the era of intense competition, could gain ground in seventy, eighty and is still in the booming state do a mark in the history of the business.
The 79th anniversary of the guangzhou restaurant 79 one full year of life, looking to meet. In this full of great significance of node, guangzhou restaurant for the Chinese catering to add a warm atmosphere, social responsibility and social concern. Over the years, guangzhou restaurant as guangzhou food industry leading enterprises, has been in the lead and inspire enthusiasts and the industry organization devoted to action against poverty, guangzhou restaurant itself from year to year in on its commitment to social responsibility.
In 2012, guangzhou restaurant group for the guangdong poor day donation activity, broad staff waging active contribution, at the same time in the "dedication, love to the poor" in the evening, guangzhou restaurant group donated 100000 yuan, for the people who need help offer an own strength.
Seat in 2013, conghua first town, west town hang village cadres, cadres and came to guangzhou restaurant group grants awarded "love, assistance poverty alleviation," pennants, thanks to widespread wine group has been to west village solid foundation to carry out the "double" (" planning to the home, responsibility to the people ", double to for guangdong province in China's poverty alleviation plan for poverty alleviation and puts forward the concept of) poverty alleviation work. The contributions. According to statistics, the implemented village poor per capita net income of 10010 yuan, village collective economy income 324000 yuan, praised by the local government and common people.
In June 2014, guangzhou restaurant Ma Tiecun conduct in-depth leizhou shochiku town poverty student, to donate condolences Ma Tiecun elementary school activities, and bring a batch of children group companies' employee donation publications such as books, stationery and food company food given to poor students, for the local education cause a love and support.
In July 2014, the guangzhou restaurant group joint communist youth league of China, guangzhou municipal party committee, guangdong lions hui core service, such as multiple institutions, love launched "commonweal together, together reunion" Mid-Autumn festival care left-behind children act that help hundreds of left-behind children realize reunion festival with working parents warmth, and lead the children travel to guangzhou, expanding horizons, to soothe the soul.
In order to let more people to participate in the public welfare activities, guangzhou restaurant, called on the guangzhou food industry and all other enthusiasts to participate, want to public welfare undertakings toward normalization, standardization, more set an example with model, let each of the guangdong people heart full of love and strength.