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This year's Christmas new take "hotel" to travel

Date: 2014-10-24

On December 24, Christmas Eve, new generation le jing wei "sweet," mobile hotel in guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou. With creative design, spacious and comfortable space and enjoy five-star hotel, the new generation of le wei "sweet," move the hotel not only become a silent night a beautiful beautiful scenery, more quickly become guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou tri-cities citizens are the focus of debate.
Very silent night New generation le wei turns into a luxury hotel
Christmas Eve night, guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou, online booked three winners in unique ways to the success of deductive "very silent night" and will "seize fresh Christmas Eve @ LIVINA sweet, mobile hotel" activities to a climax.
Nansha beach, a guangzhou winners and girlfriend embrace in Cenozoic le wei mobile hotel comfortable big bed, open the power sunroof, while enjoying the brilliant fireworks, side ear honey language, is a romantic fireworks on a date.
Chengdu's winners are infected by the temple of marquis revelers Christmas atmosphere, so the car parked on the square, and his three friends in the new generation mobile hotel le wei revelry: two boys sitting in the Cenozoic le wei trunk guitar while singing, the two girls are at the beginning of the "hotel" in the pillow fight. At that time, attracted many people stopped to watch, but they also tribute out from under the car refrigerator drinks to share with you the joy of Christmas Eve.
Winners will be new generation mobile hotel le wei in hangzhou as a tool for creative proposal. The west lake lake, he and his girlfriend drive to visit the west lake while to fall in love; Tired, the leading lady is lying in the "hotel" use wireless WIFI played the game, allowing the actor will drive to where; Feeling to thick, male leading role in the mobile hotel reserved his girlfriend, and will propose the ring to his girlfriend, two people happiness of hugs in mobile hotel build "romantic space".
As a new generation of le wei mobile hotel experience, the excitement of actor wang told reporters, "the new generation mobile hotel le wei said brought me a go go travel, novel way not only let me easily get fair return, and capacious and comfortable illicit close space also brings us enjoy luxury hotels. Thanks to the new generation of le wei" sweet, "mobile hotel brings us a lifetime of happy moments."
"Seize fresh Christmas Eve @ LIVINA sweet, mobile hotel" activity since launch, triggered the fans and media. Just half a month's time, "rob fresh Christmas Eve @ LIVINA sweet, mobile hotel" activity page views of nearly 300000 people, more than ten thousand people to participate in the activities of booked online, 15 net friend lucky won special Christmas gift - Cenozoic le wei "sweet," move the hotel two days one night free access, there are nearly a netizen won the new generation le wei models, where camels toys, 30 yuan mobile phone network as the prize.
First-of-its-kind "live" said come away
Activity in guangzhou, chengdu, hangzhou, Hong Kong and fascinating carried out at the same time, dongfeng nissan 4 s shops all over the country and releasing the new generation of le wei mobile hotel experience. Consumers not only can go to the shop to visit the new generation mobile hotel le wei, understand mobile hotel refitting process, more can experience zero distance, feeling the Cenozoic le unique charm.
At the same time, consumers to buy new generation le wei can also be given the original installation import "modified mobile hotel suite" - assisted content box. This space modified "artifact" has a strong ability to receive, and be able to heal the luggage compartment and put down the rear seat height difference, after just a few steps can have their own mobile hotel, travel said come away from now on.
As a compact hatchback market leader, has long been le wei with innovative marketing has become the focus of the industry. From "le lianliankan" to "le wei, called China" activities, le wei most classic every innovation marketing activities, become the industry model of study and follow.
And the activity of the protagonist, Cenozoic le wei "sweet," move the hotel is the collection drive travel, leisure, entertainment, accommodation have a rest in the integration of new way to travel. Let the young man could walk and walk, revel and don't have to worry about travel costs and accommodation problems. Modification of the new generation mobile hotel le wei is simple, just buy object box into the suitcase, put down the back seats, laying bed is tasted, simple three steps can be gorgeous to a luxury mobile hotel.
New generation mobile hotel le wei is not only a new way to travel, but also the marketing mode of domestic initiative. Dongfeng nissan make full use of the opportunity of young white-collar workers holiday travel, through cross-border cooperation with travel sites, the Cenozoic le wei in the form of a hotel and other hotels on the website to accept reservations, provide consumers with a whole new experience platform, is a new exploration of innovative marketing methods.
As the activity heats up, consumers are feeling the Cenozoic le wei beyond the powerful at the same level products. Comprehensive leading 371-1536 - l variable compartment space, at the same level for mobile hotel offers spacious and comfortable passenger space; Abundant the maximum power 91 kw of power, at the same level for young people to driver for unlimited passion and fun; Minimum 6.1 L/hundred kilometers consumption at the same level, said young people come away from the trouble back at home.