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The angel lover The world's most romantic hotel

Date: 2014-07-31

In this bustling society, each of us life stress, work stress and emotional pressure is very big, but their own emotional space is very small. "Really want to with you wings to fly, fly to the Aegean islands seaside see the setting sun together..." Like "angel love" emotional song, we always have a dream that a secret dream of their own space, can put down the burden of thought, enjoy belong to our two people "world, belong to our love affair. Imagine: one side is we are familiar with the shape of the music, one side is the lover of his skin, we revel in the real fantasy, intoxicated with the...
The dreams in where? At the seaside? In a foreign country? No! It is Out, too far! Leisure travel, very much in love of lovers, now there are about a good place for an implementation of a rose, which is located in shenzhen landmark and cultural recreation center angel lovers theme hotel (hereinafter referred to as "angel love").
The angel lover is a "fashion, romantic, intimate, safe, comfortable, convenient" featuring lovers theme hotel chain. Hotel in Beijing, shenzhen many top designers creativity, focusing on the couple of theme hotel planning, design, construction and management, hotel, carefully for couples middleman to tailor the romantic fervor couple people wholeheartedly provide service fashion, romance, fully meet the lovers, lovers, husband and wife class customers personalized needs emotional appeal.