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Slow travel guangzhou native amorous feelings At yangcheng beauty food color

Date: 2014-09-16

Guangzhou, a city with a history of 2200 years of civilization, has many historical relics, scenic spots and cultural landscape, color, aroma, taste and shape with cantonese cuisine and the Chinese and foreign various flavor food, for a variety of markets and shopping street, make people linger. Slow in guangzhou, can truly experience the yangcheng beauty food color, feel the genuine yangcheng amorous feelings.
Guangzhou new central axis of guangzhou new postcards
Now in guangzhou, the most refreshing when several new central axis of guangzhou city, along the route can be witnessed by five big park, five big underground mall and guangzhou new TV tower, the Asian games opening and closing ceremonies, 108 layers of guangzhou west tower, guangzhou opera house, guangdong museum of new city axis. Along the pearl river, "the pearl river, inbev international beer museum" is also a form of tourism experience.
Slowly swim guangzhou tips
Guangdong museum new free and open to the audience on the second floor of the south pavilion invoice with valid documents to receive free visit tickets (invoice time: but ~ 16:00, Monday closed).
Tourist tickets according to the different height of guangzhou tower, three segments for sightseeing tickets, 32, 66, 66 layer sightseeing tickets for price 50 yuan/person, time, respectively, 100 yuan per person, RMB 150 / person, time, time.
Transportation: metro line three, five line of pearl river new town, also can take the pearl river new city passenger automatic transport system (hereinafter referred to as A PM line) to the area.
Guangzhou new axis point landscape tour: new guangdong museum, guangzhou grand theatre, tower, baiyun mountain, guangzhou lingnan impression garden, guangdong science center.
Food shopping punters Eat in guangzhou
Guangzhou is the city of "gourmet paradise" and fashion shopping, along this line tour, can taste the delicious cuisines in guangzhou, also can be shopping, leisure, kill two birds with one stone.
Slowly swim guangzhou tips
Beijing road and nine are two of the most famous commercial pedestrian street in guangzhou, shopping for a long time to fill the stomach, also has a large place nearby. Beijing road nearby HuiFu road food street is just open food court, can eat here the wonton noodles, beef offal, Portland seed cakes such as tunnel in guangzhou snacks. Up and down. There is a Chinese snack street, in addition to here to taste snacks in guangzhou, also can eat to Taiwan, sichuan, northeast and other regions, let a person. Up and down nine baohua road and near a cafe called "Chen tian ji", the cold fish skin tasty and refreshing, might as well try.
Guangzhou food leisure: can in panxi restaurant taste panxi snack feast, to HuiFu road food street to taste the cantonese cuisine, the lingnan impression garden lingnan customs street, to the Beijing road, tianhe city plaza "shopping", east to the food court taste of food in the world.
Line recommendation: guangzhou baiyun mountain, guangzhou huacheng square tower sea heart sand 3 pure play ball