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Chinese valentine's day activity for the 26th in guangzhou lotus under section drawing

Date: 2014-08-07

The needlework on August 2, is a traditional festival festival, and it is the Tanabata valentine's day in China. Guangzhou panyu star mountain scenic spot to build festival atmosphere, specially in the scenic spot "lotus" qixi festival fete activity, held on August 3, along with "range lotus" intergenerational talent contest, as the 26th guangzhou lotus day draw a satisfactory full stop.
Chinese valentine's day that day, people and lovers in addition to appreciate the graceful lotus, also take an active part in all kinds of interesting interactive games, win a beautiful small gifts, spent a romantic and warm valentine's day. Site and staff hold "polaroid" for the tourists taking pictures, let visitors in the lianhua sweet moment back to home. By making good guangzhou image organization "love on golden" large-scale public welfare activities, and in the lianhua beginning on the day. The guangzhoug, guangdong resort hotel for the event provides a luxurious guest rooms, as in personnel ready, have a rest, but also to let golden couple feel sweet sweet feeling. It is reported, golden couple and their families are very satisfied with the activity arrangement, said in an interview with the media more thank you very much for the guangzhoug, guangdong resort hotels to provide various services and help.
Scenic area is no awkward silence after Chinese valentine's day, on August 3, "range lotus" intergenerational talent contest held in the scenic spot, in the first four period preliminary stand out player carefully rehearsed show, for the parent-child suite awards. The finals the scene is very lively, everyone have to watch for. First performed in soup to elim and dad "you are my sun is a star" chorus, game 4 of the four little angel bring the GePei leah ballet dance performances, drew the audience applauded in succession; Guangzhou TV attaches great importance to the competition, especially in the "72 tenants" deputy director, prominent role "147 police" star LaoJinTao, "news broadcast" the host "urban living broadcast (MaiXiaoTong, pop musicians association of guangdong province youth committee, deputy director of guangzhou yeti, art school principal Yu Cheng HaoSan heavyweight served as judges for everybody, the judges for athletes professional reviews can provide very relevant for parents in training children's opinions.