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Guangzhou provisions park square dance volume limit up more than one thousand yuan

Date: 2015-10-02

Park regulations partition there a park on the implementation of the limit of noise to community residents feared square dance
In the future in the square dancing or singing in the park and the volume exceed the limit, will face up to 1000 yuan of punishment, the end of last year by the standing committee approved of the guangzhou city park ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) yesterday began formally implemented, including park noise management and punishment have attracted the most attention. Guangzhou daily reporter visits to see, at present, including the yuexiu park, liuhua lake park with more than the city park, such as the noise monitor, brought to the campus of voice flow type continuous monitoring, who is beyond the limit, will be discouraged, if you do not listen to discourage, will be punished.
Article/guangzhou daily reporter Zhou Haojie, jie
Restricted area
Yuexiu park recreation activity area can't exceed 70 decibels
Yesterday morning, the guangzhou daily reporter went to the yuexiu park, park in many places are posted "guangzhou yuexiu park acoustic environmental function areas and limit region diagram (try out)" (hereinafter referred to as the "sketch"). The reporter sees in the schematic, yuexiu park area is divided into four sound environment according to the different function, including main gate square, etc as the entertainment area, the volume limit of 70 decibels, golden playground area for fitness level, and its limit of 65 decibels of acoustic environment, happy pavilion, five storeys sections for fitness activities such as class ii, the volume limit of 60 decibels, in addition to this, quiet rest area, the volume limit is 55 decibels. Reporters to visit in the park in an hour, and did not see the citizens "wrong area" activities, such as amplification equipment fitness activities are not allowed to be used in the secondary area of east lake show area open acoustics.
According to a security patrol in the park, they all take a portable monitor noise, equipped with the white will be combining park zoning of db value, on campus than db used Musical Instruments, audio equipment and other uncivilized behavior to stop. According to understand, yuexiu park is the first set of noise monitor, try first to water test of one of the park.
The baiyun mountain scenic area, the reporter saw yesterday, outdoor high decibel activities as usual, but activists say they have received the reminder, the scenic area management will cooperate with turning down the music volume or amplification. In liuhua lake park, the gateway has been posing for notices, banned visitors carry audio equipment into the garden.
Time period of
There are still a square dance midday period of time the people's park
The regulations also require "time period", namely every 13 ~ 15 and 22 ~ 8 when the next day, when the use of Musical Instruments, audio equipment and singing in the park such as generate large volume of activity, by the competent administrative department for garden gives warning; Is a collective activity, to the organizers of the event or carriers of the Musical Instruments, audio equipment, a fine may concurrently be fined between two hundred yuan and one thousand yuan; Belong to the individual activities, can to the individual and be fined between RMB two hundred yuan and fifty yuan.
Citizens in the people's park activities, however, is not "obedient". At 2 PM, the reporter once again came to the people's park, under a pavilion, seven or eight old man singing aloud together. While the location of the noise source bigger southwest of public toilets in the park next to a large sound playing songs, 30 people were dancing dancing on the square space. Is responsible for managing the sound of a woman clearly to the provisions of the regulations of "time period" knowing, she introduces, dancing here from 2 PM to 5, temporary charge one yuan per person to join. When a reporter asked her if she know not to know that since the implementation of the regulations, she shook her head said: "don't know how this rule, so many years is such a jump down." Guangzhou daily reporter observed that afternoon 3 when, still did not see a personnel to dissuade him.
Noise complaints last year
200 every day
Noise has always been a "stubborn" guangzhou park. According to the report, from 2011 to 2011, the guangzhou municipal public security bureau command center statistics of noise complaints every year more than 70000, 2014, the city's 77154 complaints noise, noise complaints on an average day 200.
Functional partition decibel limits
Environmental protection is no standard
Guangzhou city bureau of parks and woods and forestry park scenic area management office director yong-jian zhang said that at present on the environmental function division and sound limit set, also encountered problems, the environmental protection department haven't eventually set out standards of environmental function. "Due to the regulations take effect, now we can only make the standards on a trial basis." Yuexiu park staff liu said. It is reported that guangzhou city forestry bureau of parks and woods and each big city parks have to be carried out in accordance with the environmental protection standard of old measurement noise.
Citizens view that concerned law enforcement difficult to look forward to the noise limit into the community
With hiu kong park west of one wall lie between, a citizen, a district in the past few years repeatedly hiu kong park square dance noise problem to the relevant departments complaints, but still failed to escape from the "magic". Liu said that the village is designed.the, issued the regulations on the night shift for the citizens of the best, he is in favor of "limit noise".
However, Mr Liu think there were difficulties in law enforcement and forensics. "Is a group of people dancing, fine money is bad. And even if someone complained, as law enforcement team came to the sound very low after, how to calculate?" Park, he said, should strengthen the management, which requires some reduce sound decibel value, for some large sound, when citizens into the garden and should stop. Live near fangcun tunnel of lowe women expressed her worries, she said: "uncle aunt of dancing in the park if it is too rigid, will transfer to jump back to the village?"
Lived in binjiang east road, luo said the most noisy square dance time concentrated in 7 to 10 PM, in addition to the park, a large square, village downstairs clearing these places where most residents contradiction with the aunt and implementation of the regulations place is in the park, restricted at 10 hours at night at eight in the morning, the role is not too big.
Relevant departments: early implementation is given priority to with persuasion fines need transition
Citizens in support at the same time, also hope to park management in order to carry out the regulations, strict enforcement of the law in accordance with the law. Campus sound standard law enforcement, the park administration, which has the function of law enforcement main body, belong to the park management responsibilities